About Johnston Financial

Johnston Financial is a firm of Chartered Financial Planners. We were established in 1987 and are now one of Scotland's leading financial services businesses. We exist to consistently deliver the highest quality of advice and service to both individual clients and businesses in the fields of investment, financial planning, pension planning and property funding.

All of our advisers have a wealth of experience and hold as a minimum the qualifications required by the regulators, all go on to take higher level qualifications.

Our services

Johnston Financial offers you a complete range of financial planning and investment management solutions whether you are a private individual, a trust, a pension fund or a business. Our service is split into four distinct areas.

1. The Planned Future Solution
Managing your financial life

2. The Planned Portfolio Solution
Managing your accumulated wealth

3. The Planned Benefits Solution
Managing your employee benefits

4. The Planned Mortgage Solution
Managing your property funding

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“Johnston Financial have been awarded the internationally recognised, ISO 9001 quality standard for the entire range of our financial planning, investment and mortgage solutions. We offer you comprehensive planning of your financial life, utilising products offered by the whole of the financial market and our expert high quality service.”