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Johnston Financial would like to be your trusted guide through the implementation of your financial plan, centred around your own views on investment but introducing you to the specific investments that we think will help you to achieve your goals.



Johnston Financial, are experts in using pensions in financial planning and navigating the complexities where they exist.

Our years of specialist experience are offered to you to advise on all aspects of your pension arrangements.



Your financial planning starts with the creation of a plan. A step by step programme to ensure you achieve your financial and lifetime goals.

No matter what your current financial goals or aspirations, at Johnston Financial we will offer you a service to meet your needs and budget. From a simple financial review to bespoke, monitored plans for your entire financial life there’s a service for you to select.



Starting with your financial goals for the future, we build with you a financial plan to achieve those goals. We look at what could upset that plan such as death or ill health. You may also have employee benefit needs for your business. Johnston Financial has a service in both areas. We look at all the tools available to you and make recommendations on how they may be used.



Are you in a demanding job?

As a young person dealing with a responsible job, you have competing demands on your resources. House purchase and starting a family, possibly even starting or buying into a business or professional partnership all make demands and that is before you start planning for the future to ensure that you are looking after you and your loved ones financial security. Johnston Financial have years of experience to help you to find your way through.


Are you thinking about retiring?

You are perhaps not quite ready to retire but yet  it may be in your sights. Before making investment decisions it is important to think about what you will have available to live on when you stop work. At this stage, investment decisions could relate to your capital and to your pension pot. Generally a sound investment strategy is required. Johnston Financial can help.


Do you own your own business?

As a Business Owner you may face a unique range of financial planning concerns. At Johnston Financial we know that if you are a Director or Partner, you need to plan your own personal finances but we also recognise that these are often closely linked to your business. Speak to us to gain from our experience in profit extraction and protection strategies for keyman, business succession and loan protection.


Are you about to retire?

If you have reached or are close to retirement now is a good time to take stock and create a financial plan for your retirement years. You are likely to have decisions to make about your pension arrangements. Possibilities are opening up, holidays and travel, hobbies and pastimes, volunteering or part time work. We have years of experience in helping clients to create the right financial plan to suit their future goals, come and talk to us.


Have you retired?

If you have retired, you may be looking for a trusted investments service to fulfil your financial goals. Your money may be in pensions plans, ISAs, bank accounts or investments and you are unsure if you are making full use if the tax allowances and how to limit inheritance tax. We would very much like to make sure that you have everything financial in hand, come and find out how we can help you.



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